Le Lude: The History, Tradition & Standards



“Nowhere have I seen the sublime and the beautiful, the tame and the terrible so well arranged”

– Sir John Barrow on a visit to the Franschhoek Valley during British occupation of the Cape in 1795.

It was with his namesakes words in mind, and a passion for creating only the finest Cap Classique, that Nic and Ferda decided to buy a small farm in Franschhoek.

Le Lude is situated on the edge of Franschhoek town, South Africa specialising in bottle fermented sparkling wines – Cap Classique. The French Huguenots planted vines and made wine in The Franschhoek Valley as far back as 1693.

This modern cellar was custom built for the production of Methode Cap Classique (MCC). It has a underground maturation cellar and bottling line. The cellar lies between vineyards with an uninterrupted view of the surrounding mountains.

Tradition & Standards

We uphold the strictest traditions and standards. At Le Lude we have a deep respect for tradition, not just for the sake of it, but also to be truly inspired by the lessons we learnt from history.

We demand and create innovation while pursuing perfection as we project ourselves towards the future. We strive to blend a unique style and elegance while paying careful attention to detail.

Le Lude is the first cellar to produce Agrafe (Tirage Liège) Cap Classique.

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